Encapsulation Services and Waterproofing Can Protect Your Home

Every time it rains, many homeowners sigh in frustration. They know the routine: getting the buckets, pulling out the shop vac and grabbing every towel. They have to constantly fight water damage because of a leaky basement or crawl space. But if you want to show these problems the door, there’s an Expert for that.

Norrell Service Experts provides a permanent, cost-effective solution to your leaky basement or crawl space. With basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation services, you can stop fighting the rain and get back to enjoying every square foot of your home. Our Experts can create a watertight seal that takes the worry out of the weather.

What Is Encapsulation?

Heavy rain, flooded creeks and even snowmelt can leak into your home. It can damage your foundation and ruin anything kept in a basement or crawl space. Encapsulation solves this problem by lining spaces like your crawl space with a spray foam insulation and a thick plastic sheeting. This forms a tight seal that helps keep excess moisture out.

This is more common in older homes with foundations made from brick or stone. Over time, even the smallest cracks gradually widen. Water slowly wears down the mortar between bricks and slabs, creating leaks. The extra moisture invites mold, unpleasant odors and even pests into your home. In severe cases, it can damage the foundation and leave standing water behind.

Encapsulation lowers the risk of a basement leak. The plastic sheeting, known as a white cap barrier, is extremely resilient. Water is trapped between the sheeting and the walls of your basement or crawl space. It seeps down into a drainage channel that safely carries water out and away from your home.

The encapsulation process is particularly useful when you send heating and cooling into the unfinished space. The plastic sheeting helps keep out the influence of outdoor air, which can encourage heating and cooling loss. By helping turn a crawlspace or unfinished basement into a climate-controlled space, you can actually improve your HVAC system’s energy efficiency.

Is Encapsulation Different from Waterproofing?

Encapsulation is an important part of a broader waterproofing strategy that can include other equipment like sump pumps. While other waterproofing services remove moisture that’s gotten into your basement or crawlspace, encapsulation reduces the amount of moisture reaching these spaces in the first place. This is similar to repairing a crack in the foundation to stop water from getting in.

The best way to think of encapsulation is as a type of waterproofing. The more kinds of waterproofing you invest in, the better protected your home is!

Five Benefits of Encapsulation from Local Experts

With waterproofing and encapsulation from Norrell Service Experts, you don’t have to compromise your home or your health. You can trust the Experts to provide all the benefits of these services, including:

  • Discourage mold and mildew growth: Mold and mildew spores can ruin wallpaper and produce musty odors. Waterproofing and encapsulation helps keep your home clear of these microorganisms.
  • Prevent water damage: Water damage can be time consuming and expensive to repair. With encapsulation, you minimize the risk of water getting into your crawlspace.
  • Lowers risk of structural problems: A damaged foundation can cause serious problems down the road. You can help keep your entire home safe with a dry, rock-solid foundation.
  • Protect storage: Many homeowners store valuable belongings in a basement. Encapsulation avoids the risk of these items being ruined.
  • Improve HVAC energy efficiency: when paired with heating and cooling your crawlspace, encapsulation reduces the impact the outdoor temperature has on your home. This can increase energy efficiency overall despite sending climate control to a greater amount of space.
Stop sweating the next storm. Norrell Service Experts can help you avoid damage to your home and dangers to your heath with Expert waterproofing and encapsulation service. Schedule a free consultation today.

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