What Your Home AC Tune-up Should Include

Summer has made its way to Birmingham and the last thing you need is your A/C system malfunctioning during the extreme temperatures. Help prevent your home’s AC from breaking down with a yearly AC tune-up from Norrell Service Experts.

What exactly is an A/C system tune-up?

Just like you visit your physician every year for a check-up, an air conditioning tune-up is an annual visit to make sure your central A/C system is healthy and operating correctly. Most common air conditioning tune-ups will entail cleaning the condenser coils, calibrating the thermostat, inspecting your refrigerant levels and looking for leaks, inspecting and tightening all electrical components, and analyzing the function of the blower motor and belt.

air conditioner tune-ups with Norrell Service Experts

When you call Norrell Service Experts for your AC tune-up, our tune-ups include a full visual inspection and a full cleaning. Read on to see the complete list of steps in our System Inspection and Precision AC tune-up.

Inspection Steps*

  • Fully calibrate thermostat
  • Check air and/or oil filters
  • Evaluate blower components
  • Evaluate air flow
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Verify proper system function
  • Verify quality of installation
  • Check area around equipment
  • Inspect system clearances
  • Evaluate overall condition
  • Inspect condenser and evaporator coils
  • Assess starting capabilities
  • Evaluate safety components
  • Assess temperature variance in supply and return
  • Survey refrigerant pressure
  • Check condensate drains

Tune-up Steps*

  • Clean and/or replace standard home air filters
  • Tighten the electrical connections
  • Assess volts and amps
  • Lubricate all moving pieces
  • Clean condensate drain
  • Apply protective coating
  • In-place cleaning of blower components
  • Survey cooling cycle
  • Issue biocide treatment
  • Clean condenser coil

*Where applicable

Norrell Service Experts in Birmingham is currently getting pumped for summer with discounts on AC tune-ups and certain HVAC equipment upgrades. To discover more or schedule your seasonal air conditioning tune-up, call 205-267-0023 today!

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