Gas Furnaces

Birmingham gas furnace replacement by Norrell Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning

Time to replace your gas furnace? your Norrell Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning in Birmingham are here to help

You’re about to call for a furnace repair again, aren’t you? How many repairs is that now? Let’s face the facts: it’s time to replace your heating system. Lucky for you, we have a large supply of attractive energy-efficient gas furnaces at Norrell Service Experts in Birmingham.

It’s not that your furnace hasn’t served you well, it’s that many old gas furnaces, like a number of other things, lose their efficiency after years of use. Consider replacing your heating system with a new and highly energy-efficient gas furnace. It’ll decrease the amount of energy used to heat your home, and it’ll reduce that monthly energy bill, too.

Click on your desired efficiency to learn more about the Lennox® gas furnaces we offer at Norrell Service Experts.

Maximum Efficiency

  • SLP98V
  • SL280V
  • EL296E

Moderate Efficiency

  • EL296V
  • EL195E
  • EL280
  • ML195

Standard Efficiency

  • EL180E
  • ML193
  • ML180

Our professionals are eager to help you learn more about these products. Once you select the best gas furnace for you, your Norrell Service Experts in Birmingham will install it for you and help set up annual maintenance to keep your gas furnace working beautifully for years. Schedule your free appointment online or call 205-267-0023 today.